Due to the level 3 and soon to be level 4 Covid19 risk status all bookings/permits from now starting from today in March 2020 and for April 2020 and May2020 will be cancelled. This is a Government requirement. We are working with our website designers to extend the forward booking availability by 12 months to allow replacement bookings/permits to be issued in the 2021 year.


Welcome to the "Hunt Rakiura" page where we trust you'll find helpful information on hunting opportunities on Stewart Island. This page should provide you with the necessary information you need to decide if you would like to take up the challenge of hunting whitetail (Virginian) deer on New Zealand's Stewart Island within our RMLT Hunting Blocks. Stewart Island has for many years been a prized hunting spot for many local and international hunters.

The coastal location of the hunting blocks also provides the opportunity to take advantage of Stewart Island's great fishing and diving opportunities available in the same area as the hunting blocks (daily M.A.F limits apply). Many hunting parties have been taking advantage of this opportunity to fish and dive during their hunting trips.The whitetail deer on Rakiura are the most southern herd in the world and the blocks provide access to good stocks in stunning locations.


The following is a list of hunting blocks operated by us on Stewart Island. The blocks are offered on a weekly rotation.  You book the blocks on a per week basis with a rotation day specific to the block you choose. For example a Saturday rotation means the block is booked from Saturday midday to the following Saturday midday.

While transfer times on and off the block between parties is based around transport logistics organised for your day of travel, you only have the right to shoot on the blocks with your permit from mid day on your day of arrival, up to mid day on the day of your departure.

The above means you book and pay for our blocks by the week but you may travel to and from the blocks on any day of your choice during the period you have booked and paid for the block. You may also choose to purchase multiple weeks to suit the duration on the block you require.

The following is a list of the blocks under RMLT control and the facilities available on each. The dates each block is available can be confirmed on application through the booking system. (See side bar on this page).

Block Type Rotation Day 1 Week Price 2 Week Price
Big Kuri Hut Friday $ 1,100 + GST $ 1,850 + GST
Chew Tobacco Hut Saturday $ 1,100 + GST $ 1,850 + GST
Kaika Hut Sunday $ 1,100 + GST $ 1,850 + GST
Little Kuri Hut Friday $ 1,100 + GST $ 1,850 + GST
North Lords Hut Friday $ 1,100 + GST $ 1,850 + GST
North Toi Toi Campsite Saturday $    700 + GST $ 1,150 + GST
South Lords Hut Friday $ 1,100 + GST $ 1,850 + GST
South Toi Toi Campsite Saturday $    700 + GST $ 1,150 + GST
Tikotatahi Hut Sunday $ 1,100 + GST $ 1,850 + GST

Kaika Hut

In early 2011 we built a new hut which will sleep 10 persons at The Kaika. The hut has a more spcious design with all the same features. This hut has 8 bunks but as you can see there is room for a couple extra on the floor.


Here is an example of the Huts that are available on the serviced blocks, they sleep 6 people. The Huts include gas cooking rings along a with fire to heat the Hut, using coal and gas you have bought in yourself. Cutting of trees for fire wood is prohibited.

Note: Parties need to supply all their own bedding other than mattresses along with all cooking utensils pots, pans, plates, etc.

Block Maps