Leon Fife provided this snapshot of his work with the Predator Free Rakiura group.

In 2012 Gareth Morgan approached DOC and suggested that the possibility of making Rakiura and surrounding islands predator free be explored. The possibility of Predator Free Rakiura – a concept that has repeatedly been strongly supported by public submissions to successive Conservation Management Strategies that the government has conducted – was one that excited his interest and he decided to see whether it could be done, and if so how. The result of Gareth’s discussions with DOC was the establishment of a governance group under the banner of, “Predator Free Rakiura”.

Representatives from the following groups were invited to participate along with DOC and the Gareth Morgan Foundation (Gareth’s philanthropic trust which is involved in a number of conservation and social development investments in New Zealand and internationally):

  • the Stewart Island resident community.
  • hunting and fishing interests.
  • local Iwi, including representatives form the Titi Islands committee.
  • Rakiura Maori Lands Trust.
  • Real Journeys.
  • Southland District Council
  • Environment Southland.

The group has met several times since its formation and for an update on progress so far you should follow the following link: http://predatorfreestewartisland.org.nz/

RMLT has been represented by Trustee, Leon Fife. If you have any questions about the project you are invited to contact him: ljf@visitrakiura.co.nz