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Many years ago we used to live at port Pegasus my father the late Many Belsham and his brother the late Sudie Belsham used to run the fish shed operation at Port Pegasus. The boats used to day fish out of Pegasus and we lived up above the factory I was only a young boy at the time but what a glorious experience. I have photos of the fish shed and boats and the skippers

Bell Topper falls used to supply our power and fresh water the late May and Bruce Neilson had a house there as well as the late Pottie Bailey.  There were other houses there but I can’t remember now who lived in them.  

My job was to run along the wharf thowing stones down the foc’sl’s to wake the fisherman up that bought out some choice language.

One will never ever forget living down there the oysters were plentiful as well as flounders it’s a shame to see just a wee bit of concrete left where the wharf used to be.

I also  saw the biggest octopus underneath the wharf which darted off in a shower of black boy . It  took up the whole bottom under the wharf.

There was a old fellow called Charlie Young, (I think his name was) and he used to make toffee and lived at the end of the track from the fish shed the last house the smell of it cooking used to waft  through the trees I always visited when I smelt the toffee.

 Excitement one day was when one of the fishing boats came into the wharf to unload his fish and was towing some German oil drums found out to sea from Pegasus. That's when they had proof that the German raiders were working from Auckland lslands.

Some of the fisherman’s names were the late Maxy Skipper the late Rex and Doug Bradshaw and their father – (I forget his name) Stevie with a wooden leg  and Johnny Waitarie I think his name was and numerous others that I can’t put names to.

We didn't have far to go to the Titi lslands as they were just around the corner from Pegasus on the west side. Our lsland was called Rerewhakoupuka or Solomons  The lslands were a majestic place

After we left port Pegasus we used to leave for the lsland’s from Colac Bay.