Simon Gomez

Simon Gomez


I was born in Rangiora, I am Ngai Tahu and my ancestors are from Rakiura. I was raised on the Island as my family moved there when I was four years old. I am part of the Island and the Island is part of me. I left Rakiura to gain an education when I was 13, although I returned for all my holidays, and did so for some time into my working life, until I was living and working overseas. I have worked at corporate and international levels and currently live in Cromwell where I work as sales director for an international outsourcing company. I travel to Rakiura at least four or five times a year and living in Cromwell makes it easy to have an active involvement with Rakiura and RMLT.

My goals since I have been on the Trust have been to improve communication between the beneficial Land owners and The Trust, to work within the established mission and values of RMLT, to ensure governance and business are carried out with honesty and integrity and to take care of our Taonga and assets for future generations.

It’s our land, it’s our Taonga, it’s our responsibility.

Kylie Moxham

Kylie Moxham


I have lived half my life on Rakiura.  I married there, raised 2 sons, creating world class memories and achievements.  I have the utter privilege of first- hand encounters with tokoeka feeding on our lawn, woken by their shrill call from underneath our house.  We harvested venison on home ground.  Southern skies provided some of the most breathtaking aurora australis displays, and starlit nights that have to be seen to be believed.  
My outdoors lifestyle complimented my interest and involvement with local projects, committees, and enhanced my long term vocation of Nature Guiding and training.

I have been active within the island community by serving as Secretary for Te Runaka o Rakiura, often liaising between local ahi kaa and DoC.  I was formerly Secretary for Kaitiaki Roopu (within DoC).

My passion and longstanding career has been involved with nature guiding, guide training, which blended well with my love for flora and fauna.

I aspire to continue my connection with Rakiura by serving on Rakiura Maori Lands Trust by bringing local knowledge and whakapapa to the committee table.  I relish the opportunity to be part of a vision that compliments my skillset and interests.

Ko tau rourou
Ko taku rourou
Ka ora ai te iwi e.

Ko Thomas Bernard West raua ko Susan Annie Smith oku matua tupuna.
Ka moe a Tom West ki a Susan Smith.
Ka puta mai ko Janice Norma tōku whaea.
Ko Jan raua ko Paul oku matua.
Ka moe a Janice West ki a Paul Sooalo.
Ka puta mai ko Kylie Ann ratou ko Analise Marama ko Paul Thomas.
Ko Paul te potiki.
Ko ahau te matamua.
Tokorua aku tamariki.  Ko Timu Tamati Mark raua ko Kahu Taine Moxham.

Ko Hananui tōku mauka
Ko Takitimu tōku waka
Ko Te Ara a Kiwa tōku moana
Ko Ohekia tōku awa
Ko Waitaha, Kati Mamoe, Kai Tahu tōku iwi.
Ko Otatara tōku papa kaika.
Ko West tōku whānau.
Ko Kylie Moxham ahau.
No reira, Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Dick Ryan

Dick Ryan


The first ever meeting of the S.I.L.N.A land owners  took place in the very early 80s at the Waitaha Maori hall in Barrow street Bluff. It was under my Chairmanship as I had been voted in as the first ever to hold this position along with Maui Fife who had been elected as the first ever secretary. Some highlights along the way have been the Court battle with Ngai Tahu for control of our ninety odd blocks on Stewart Island their main concern was that we did not have the ability or the infrastructure to be able to administrate the land. Like the large portion of the owners it is my love of the land that first drew me to offer my support in some capacity within the group.

My present position as a Trustee and also as the past Chairman are two positions I hold very dearly and with great respect. I am always available to answer any questions the owners may wish to ask regarding the running of the Trust. The Trust at the moment is going through a period of change of which I am playing a major role hopefully we can come out the other end with smiles on our faces. In summing up it is always in our minds to do the very best we can  for and on behalf of the Owners.

Kia kaha

Tina Nixon

Tina Nixon


I am a former Trustee and was instrumental in  the  Lord River Settlement. I  have spent a considerable  amount of time on Stewart Island  especially around the Neck, Port Adventure, Lords River and Pegasus.  My father Robin Campbell was born on Stewart Island and our family have been regular mutton birders.

I have spent the last 16 years in Wellington in a number of senior roles in Government. I also own a PR company CQR Communications Ltd – a successful  PR and business consulting company with a good reputation.

For three years, post the Christchurch Earthquake I was seconded to the Canterbury  Earthquake Recovery Authority  (CERA where I held various roles.  The most notable being chief of staff for 30 communications staff  across  11  projects with a combined value of over a billion dollars.  I was also part of the stand alone Christchurch Central Development Units  (CCDU) Senior Management team.

I have had a varied career, as a journalist, talk back host, adult educator, prison social worker, injury prevention consultant,  communications manager and contractor on many large and varied projects.

Specialties are communications, risk and reputation management. Sector  experience includes, poultry and egg industries, biosecurity , forestry, fisheries and IT.  

I am also currently involved at a governance level in two major regional projects aimed at increasing prosperity including broadband and  new residents attraction programme.  

I have one son Matthew who is a helicopter pilot.

Richard Manning

Richard Manning


I have been a trustee since 1997; are passionate in pursuit of the vision which the current and past trustees share for our whenua, our whānau and our history. As Kaitiaki, we have a collective responsibility to those that follow us of ensuring the mana and taonga are preserved.    

My whakapapa to Rakiura descend from sisters, Te Mahana and Kukuwhero (Kin to Haereroa), and Rawiri Te Mamaru.

In life, we are all blessed with individual qualities; the challenge to success is harnessing those qualities and moulding a cohesive team that aspires to a shared vision.  The Trust has achieved significant milestones towards establishing a futuristic pathway for their advancement and manakitanga. I am proud of being part of this and serving the Trust by providing diligence and judgment through my worldly business knowledge.  

Richard Manning is a Company Director and advisor within the seafood industry. He travels extensively internationally and has commercial interests in seafood manufacturing locally and internationally.

Tena koe

Ko James Stewart Iraia Manning (Nee Waaka) tōku Matua
Ko Joan Beatrice Manning (Nee Cain) tōku Whaea
Ko James Hikoata Te Rangi Haruru Manning tōku Koroua
Ko Myra Riria Renata tōku Kuia

Leon Fife

Leon Fife


My connection to Rakiura is through my paternal grandparents. My grandfather, Charles Rattray Fife was born at Te Oneke and his grandfather, Hohaia Poheahea was a well-known identity from Port Adventure. I am a beneficial owner in two sections at Lords River and have been a RMLT trustee since 2008. My main focus within RMLT has been land management and in particular, pest eradication and land restoration. I am very proud of what we have achieved over the past 12 years within the land management portfolio with the stunning recovery of the vegetation on The Neck being a highlight.

I am a Biology and Science teacher at Te Kura Kohine o Ōtākaro (Avonside Girls High) in Otautahi and I am also the school’s Specialist Classroom Teacher which involves taking a lead role in teacher mentoring and professional development.

I am excited about the recently announced funding from the PGF for the development of the venture on Te Oneke and look forward to continuing my role as kaitiaki of the Land Management rōpu whose mahi will continue to be pest eradication and habitat restoration at The Neck and other whenua on Rakiura.

Ko Hananui te mauka
Ko Tutaikawetoweto te awa
Ko Takitimu te waka
Ko Te Mahaka tōku tipuna
Ko Kai Tahu, Kati Mamoe, Waitaha tōku iwi
No Ōhinehou ahau
Ko Fife/Hohaia tōku whānau
Ko Ron raua ko Maureen oku matua
Ko Leon ahau.

Jill Skerrett

Jill Skerrett


I have the pleasure of living on Rakiura, where my three sons and my four mokopuna also live. Surrounded by the beautiful bush and sea. I am very proud to be a board member on the Rakiura Maori Lands Trust. I share the Land Management portfolio with Leon, and I also look after the day to day RMLT queries on the island. I am committed to caring for RMLT owners interests and believe in honesty and transparency. I believe having a representative who resides on the island is very important for communication on a day to day basis. I look forward to the many challenges ahead of us.

Tēnā koutou,
Tēnā koutou,
Tēnā koutou katoa,
Ko Hananui tōku maunga.

Ko te ara a kiwa tōku awa.
Ko takitimu tōku waka.
Ko Ngai Tahu tōku iwi.
Ko Skerrett tōku whānau.
Ko Edmund Burke Skerrett tōku tane.
Ko Noeline Merle Shaw tōku māmā.
Tokotoru aku tamariki Ko Rod ratou ko Tyron, ko Sam.
Tōku wha ika mokopuna ko Ellie, ratou ko Esjay ko Indi ko Jethro.
I whānau mai ahau I Waihopai, engari I tipu ake I Ōtautahi, Kei te kāinga ahau i te Rakiura e noho ana.

Eliza Snelgar

Eliza Snelgar


First, I acknowledge our creator, from whom all things orginate.
Second, I remember and acknowledge all who have passed on
Third, I come back to us all here today, those who work to ensure the treasures we have inherited live on for generations to come.
Greetings to us all

My name is Eliza Sophie Snelgar, eldest daughter of Alexander Fraser Wakefield and Ruiha Kake Wakefield. I am married to Denis & we have 3 adult children, 7 mokopuna and 2 great mokopuna. I am a Company Directory working in area of Maori Health, Chairperson of two Maori Land Trusts with whenua on Rakiura and actively involved in whenua management and Marae in Tai Tokerau.

Rakiura Trust is entrusted with a significant number of assets that have commercial, social and cultural performance drivers requiring strong effective governance. I am keenly aware of the challenges and opportunities we face as Maori and Trustees today, and believe that a skilled team pulling together on the one waka is critical for success.  I am inspired by the stories and taonga left to us by our tipuna and grateful for the opportunity to make a positive difference now and for our mokopuna into the future.

Ka tangi te titi
Ka tangi te kaka
Ka tangi hoki ahau

As the Sooty Shearwater voices its presence
As the parrot voices its presence
So too do I!

Tuatahi, e mihi ana ki a to tātou matua-nui-i-te-rangi, nāna nei ngā mea kātoa.
Tuarua, e tangi ana ki te hunga wairua, kua whetūrangitia.
Tuatoru, ka hoki mai ki te hunga ora e kaha nei te tiaki į o tātou taonga tuku iho.
Tēnā tātou kātoa.